Our Curriculum
We value the integrated effect of classroom teaching, at-home education and social interactions on a child's development, and focus on building a solid foundationg for chiildren's continued growth in our curriculum design and development.

Classroom teaching

Our self-developed curriculum covers six principal education areas for 0-6-year-old children: development in language and communication skills, mathematics, cognitive capabilities, personality and emotional intelligence, physical fitness, and arts and creativity. Our curricula are comprehensive, highly integrated, tailored for each age group, and address different needs and growth stages. Our play-and-learn center curricula also foster and encourage education through parent-child interactions.

At-home education

Our Zhu Dou brand is a well-recognized brand for at-home educational products in China. We develop and offer course packages through our Zhu Dou mobile app and also through packages that complement and enhance classroom teaching during at-home interactions between children and their parents.

Social interaction

The extracurricular activities that we organize further extend the education of our students beyond classrooms and homes. For example, we have ongoing nursing home visitation programs to help children develop their empathy, perspective on life, respect and responsibility.